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Health and Wellness | Eating Healthy with Sarimanok Eggs

At the recently held Philippine Poultry Show and Fiestag 2017, we chanced upon Sarimanok offering a great show on eating healthy with their Poulty Farm Eggs.  It was an eye opener for me to know something about the eggs we eat in the morning.

I thought all along that cholesterol from these were pushing our hearts into a meltdown.  Only to be told during the event that its not, and its even recommended by most heart doctors to be eaten everyday, 4 pieces at that.

So what you are waiting for?  Lets eat those eggs from Sarimanok.

The fighting couple fighting over a fighting cock.

This is Inday who serves the morning eggs to the couple.

The first winner in their Q&A.

Second Winner in their Q&A Portion.

Another winner to the Q&A portion.

The Sarimanok Booth

This is Inday.