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Dining | Henlin - McKinley Exchange

Prior to going on our Camarines Norte trip, we had to gas up.  We were just here to buy some siopao for the trip, when we saw their treasure meals.  Its been a while since I ate in Henlin and I knew they only offered dimsum and some noodles.  This time we had their treasure meal.

Barbecue Treasure Meal

For prices ranging from Php165 to Php185, you may have Barbecue, Lumpia Shanghai, Quekiam, Fried Chicken, Lechon Macau, Peking Chicken (not duck) and Pork Chop.  They now have rice toppings as well, with price ranging from Php115 to Php125 these will be best sellers soon enough.

For this time around, we ordered the Barbecue and the Pork Chop Treasure Meals.  The Barbecue was scrumptiously delicious to look at and my Pork Chop filled my plate.  Serving size was great, so if you are the hungry type, this meal is for you.  Hefty in size, you can't imagine how filled I was after having this meal.

Pork Chop Treasure Meal
On my Pork Chop, it had a big cup of rice, some crackers, a couple of siomai, a butchi, a cupful of pancit canton.  Now that's a meal.  The pork chop had a decent amount of breading, not hiding some thin pork chop, which by the way was a big slice.  The siomai was juicy, the pancit canton was tasty and the butchi, well I was not able to eat this as I was full already.  I gave it to my son who happily mopped it up easy.

So if you happen to be taking the shuttle bus to Bonifacio Global City from Edsa Ayala on lunch or dinner time, and you are taking your time, then have some treasure meals here.

For more on their menu, simply visit their facebook fan page here.