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Dining | TGIFridays - Evia Lifestyle Center

We went to Friday's on a Sunday, yes it can be done if you go to have lunch at TGIFridays.  Its a great restaurant to go have your beers, as it qualifies as a pub with great food.  Since it was too early for beer, we opted to have lunch instead.

Thanks to our friends from Lumina Heights Subdivision for proving this "sosyal" lunch for us and really it was truly a delight to eat here always.

TGIFridays is a Tex Mex restaurant so you will find a lot nachos and fajitas of sorts in their menus.  Steaks are also a best in this place and they pride themselves of their grilled menu.

For lunch, the staff brought us nachos for starters.  Their salsa dips doesn't frustrate as it raises the crispness of the nachos.  

Then fried seafood came in.  It like a tex mex style of tempura kind of seafood.  These were breaded and the squids were still juicy, the shrimps just cooked right.

Next up was a platter of grilled foods ranging from baby back ribs, chicken and pork belly.  All were juicy and if you are a person on diet, this is not the meal for you.

For those with the hots for spices, the last dish is for you.  These seeming harmless chicken wings pack quite a punch in my spice meter.  These innocent looking wings do not have the usual reddish color that would associate to chilis.  Although tolerable, they might not be appealing to those to don't like to eat spicy foods.

As like other Bistro Group of Companies, me being a BFF member, their service is always top notch.  Service with a smile, fast delivery of order, bill comes correct each time.  Kudos to the staff manning their Evia Lifestyle Center branch.  For more details on their food and branch locations, you may inquire at their facebook page here.

The branch herein is from Evia Lifestyle Center, so you may click here to know how to get to this place.

Please check here also their menu items with prices.