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Dining | When cooking is a chore - SM Eats

Its been a long time already since we ate fast food from an SM outlet.  These started as snack bars owned by SM Supermarket.  That aside from selling grocery items, they sold snack items for low prices.

After the same took the customers by storm, they introduced meals this time around.  From baby back ribs to roasted chicken for the same low prices that beats franchise food prices.  These tasted great and for the price point, I would rather eat these.

Not only they sell piece meals, they are now selling whole chickens and whole pork bellies and baby back ribs.  Making family home cooking a chore.  For us in the family, we don't usually do this, but this around, we were doing some shopping at SM when we noticed that it was nearly dinner time already.  Since we would be pressed for time going home, we decided to try out their whole roasted chicken for Php180.

Price wise this was cheaper than the leading lechon manok around.  For one, their chicken was smaller and lighter thus they can sell at this amount.  What lacked in size and weight they made for with taste.  Unlike others, theirs were tasty inside out.  Not bad.

What I can complain though is since these were pre cooked, meaning they were cooked regardless of demand, the chicken was there in the warmer for god knows how long.  The meat was tasty but lack the juices I came to expect from a lechon manok.  I hope they can do something about this so that when we do buy again, the experience would be much sweeter.  See? sweeter and juicier..... LOL