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Shopping | Easy Grocery with Easy Grocery

Early this weekend, we were given the chance to try out the newest online grocery shopping app.  Its called EasyGrocery.  Available on both IOS and Android platforms, they are available in the App Store and Google Play Store.  These are apps ready for download and best of all its free.

We have tried one grocery or shopping app before this but Easy Grocery is the one that doesn't let you get out of your house.  As Easy Grocery puts it, makes grocery shopping easy.  So this app is heaven sent to those people who are busy working and would like to focus on more important things, like maximizing time with family and not bogged down by traffic.

Now to order.  Simply download the app from either App Store or Google Play.  Search for the app using 'easygrocery' as your search parameter.

Then simply open the app.  It should look like this.  Then click the the button "show grocery stores".

If the app is not allowed to access your location, it will ask for it for delivery purposes.

After choosing your location, it will show which stores are available in your area.  Simply choose the one that you preferred.

After choosing the store, listed grocery items will be shown.  It's segregated into various sections for easier selection.  You may start shopping.  

Clicking on an item will lead you to more information about the product chosen and will offer the user to order one or more of that product.  The user may then click "add to cart".

Checking out is a breeeze as well.  You may still add more items or remove if you had second thoughts.  What a convenient function.

When you place an order, it will have various payment options.  It accepts Credit Card, Debit Card, even Cash on Delivery.  What's best is they have a loyalty option for payment.  When you order regularly, you earn points that may be converted to payment for future grocery purchases.  Simply amazing.

Service Fee is Php100 and Delivery Fee is another Php100.  If you don't want to pay for delivery, you may opt for picking up the items in the store.

Now we could not just simply write about it without experiencing it, so during the launch, we tried it out.  Downloading the app was a breeze and ordering too.  For check out, we chose cash on delivery.  

Once we placed our order, the app notified us the progress of our order.  During this process, an ordered item was out of stock.  The app also notified us of the same and requested us how to proceed.  We simply texted back our reply and the order was processed according to the change.

Now while our order was enroute, similar with Grab or Uber, the app showed the rider's name and location.  This feature made us at ease as to when our order is about to arrive.  Easy Grocery promises one hour delivery since time of receipt of order.  Now that's fast service.

For more questions and inquiries, you may visit them at their facebook page.

One of their numerous riders ready to deliver your order.

One of our shoppers recieving their order.
*as of this writing, Makati area is available with two stores listed in the app.  they will be offering more areas and stores in the near future.