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Tech News | Welcome the GoPro Hero 6

Just when you think when action cameras can't anymore get any better, then GoPro Hero 6 came along.  Announced just yesterday, the new GoPro sells at USD499 and is already available nationwide.  Immediately they are touted against the new Iphone 8 that was recently released as well.  Imagine a phone versus an action camera. What a weird comparison.

Now going into the details, now we know why they compared it with the new Iphone.  it could do 4k at 60 fps.  You can also shoot in slow motion mode at 2.7K at 120fps. wow.  Not content with that, it could shoot in slow motion at 240fps in 1080p resolution!!!!

The new camera has an improved dynamic range, so shooting in mixed sunlight conditions and low lights gives us astonishing results. There's touch to zoom feature as well.  Now for wifi, it tripled the transfer speeds since the last generation Hero, so transferring your videos to your phone is a breeze.

Now what sets this baby from all the other action cameras is its stabilization.  It eliminates the camera shakes and vibrations either from walking, jumping, bumps, ripping down your bike or just simply holding that thing.  The stabilization is generated digitally, the camera check your footage frame by frame then it crops slightly to keep the image centered, throwing out the shakes in your video. sweet right?

Now it retails for USD499 and I can't wait to see it up close.