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Travel PH | Camarines Norte Day Four - Last Hurrah

On our last day of fun in the sun in Camarines Norte, the weather didn't cooperate with us.  It is as if typhoon Jolina had a ace up its sleeve when it brought heavy rains on our fourth day.

Municipality of Mercedes

On a cold and wet Monday morning, we took our breakfast at this eatery near the fish port.  Its your usual turo turo style of food except that they accept "paluto" or "have it cooked".  You buy fresh seafood from the opposite fish port and bring it here for them to grill them.  Grilling costs Php20 only per kilo.  I bought a kilo of big squid for Php150 and had it cooked for my pasalubong.

Municipality of Mercedes

As we wait for the rains to wane and continue with our boat ride to Siete Pecados Islands, we had no choice but to roam around the fish port, which wasn't smelly surprisingly.

selfie at the port.
Fish monger errrr vendor.

Municipality of Mercedes

The office is in the port itself so we waited here for our boat ride to take us to Siete Pecados.

The Passenger Terminal.

Enjoying the wait.

A japanese import at the tourism office of Mercedes. Ms. Haruko.

Apuao Pequena (Part of Siete Pecados)
Municipality of Mercedes
Due to limited time, we were not able to visit all the seven islands that comprise that of Siete Pecados.  We opted to visit only two islands of which Apuao Pequena is one of them.  This island is full of pine trees so you will have an initial feeling of being in Baguio.  This island also the venue of their annual hammock festival, wherein they invite participants to ... what else, sleep in hammocks.

Group Photo on the small island. 

Another group photo this time on a swing (I cant remember whose image is this, thanks).

Apuao Grande (part of Siete Pecados)
Municipality of Mercedes

Using a sand bar, we crossed this to reach Apuao Grande.  A bigger island of which was owned formerly by an Australian and had made some improvements.  Herein we took our lunch.  Even with the slight drizzle, we ate then swam in its shores.  This is our third day of swimming and we never got tired of doing it.


A panoramic view of the bigger island.

ZDP Smoke Fish House
Municipality of Mercedes

As part of our tour, we were shown another industry that is great in Mercedes, the Tinapa or the smoked fish.  Here we saw how it was prepared and cured using smoke from wood chips.  Their tinapa is the best they say so the blogging team helped themselves in buying kilos of the smoked fish.

They say this is cheaper compared to the ones sold in Manila.
The slow curing process.
The finished Product.

Municipality of Mercedes

Located in front of the Municipal Building, this hangout is a great place for tourists.  This is just located on the main highway, so filling up prior to our travel was our goal.  The burger was special as they prepare their own patties.  Isn't that lovely.

Our last group photo prior to our departure for Manila.

Municipality of Daet

What is a tour without buying some pasalubongs?  Camarines Norte is also known for having their own Pili Industry.  Pili is a nut prevalent in the area and is an expensive one if bought in Manila.  So we stocked them from this store in Daet located in front of the Town Market.  For more details, message them here.

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We would like to thank the wonderful people for making this trip possible;

The Governor's and related Mayors' offices
Provincial Tourism Office headed by Mr. Bong Palma - #cometocamnorte
Municipal Tourism Office of Mercedes headed by Ms. Mary Antonette Ibasco #lovekosimercedes

You may track our group's activities in the social media by these hashtag.

Thanks to both provincial and municipal tourism offices who accompanied us today.