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Travel PH | Camarines Norte Day Three - Pink Beach of Parola

After praying to our Lady of Candelaria, we were gifted with a sunny day this Sunday.  So we were off to Parola Island in Jose Panganiban.  Consider this as our rest day after two days of beaches, museums, falls, and resorts.

After travelling an hour from Daet, then 45 minutes boat ride from Larap Port, we arrived at the secret and secluded Parola Island.  You will be welcomed by the pink sands of the island.  This was not my first time to see the island, it is my second.  Although not my first, the pink beaches still excites me whenever my feet touches them pinkish sand.

During my first time here I was with these group.

Miss Tourism Philippines 2017 from the Filipino Community of Melbourne.
On the rocky side of the island with Miss Puerto Galera 2017.
And now I'm back for the second time with this group.

Ten of the adventurous blogger team I could muster.
The beaches of Parola are a welcome respite to a weary traveller.  The island is so small and accommodating one can travel the whole island in mere minutes.  Also it offers different facets of an island.  You have a tropical jungle, sandy beaches, you have rock formations, you have rocky beaches, you have a sand bar.  Yes a sand bar that during low tides, one can walk across it and reach three more nearby islands.

A walk thru jungle on the island (photo by Christian Aligo)

What welcomes you most is the pink salmon colored beach of Parola.  What makes it pink is the combination of white sand and the crushed red corals surrounding the island.  Its so rare that you find these color of sand in the Philippines.  First time I knew of such is the one in Zamboanga.  I wanted to see for myself but Zamboanga is so far away.  So I was thankful when I was given the chance to see this just 10 hours away from Manila.

Parola is a spanish word for light house and one can be found at one end of the island.  This is just a small light house and based on top of hill.

This is the boat that took us to the island. 
The boat people that took us there.

A tenant of the island.

Our lunch.

Aside from swimming, relaxation is the next activity on the island.

As I said, relaxation.

When the sun hits the sand, it turns pink!!!!

On low tides you can walk to these islands via the sand bar.

Check out the clear waters.
As this is a pristine island, the municipal government of Jose Panganiban wishes to preserve this.  They are not allowing visitors to the island without the permission of the local government unit (LGU).  So if you want to visit, make reservations with the Jose Panganiban Municipal Tourism Office - Ms. Ruth Fortaleza at 0910-827-3547 or email at

Getting there.

By Bus.  You can go there straight via Super Lines.  Fare should be around Php500 one way on a regular airconditioned bus.  You may also  take a bus to Daet and take a bus or van back to Jose Panganiban.

Package Tour. If I were you, for easier transport, call Ms. Ruth and arrange for a tour. The following rates are as follows;

Package Rates
Php2,200 (if pick up in Jose Panganiban)
Php2,300 (if pick up in Daet)
Php3,200 (if pick up from Manila)
* these are either bus or van transfers

Suggested Itineray for the package rate given 2D/1N

Day 0
7:00PM-8:00PM - Est. Departure Manila to Jose Panganiban

Day 1
07:00AM - Est. Arrival Jose Panganiban and Breakfast at Evias
08:00AM - Est. Departure for Tailon Island (Parola Island)
10:00AM - Est. Arrival Tailon Island (Parola) / set up camp and explore
12:00NN - Lunch
01:00PM - Siesta / Swimming / Explore / Wait for low tide
06:00PM - Dinner
07:00PM - Socials
10:00Pm - Lights out

Day 2
06:00AM - Wake Up Call
07:00AM - Breakfast
09:00AM - Break Camp 
10:00AM - Est. Departure for Jose Panganiban
12:00NN - Lunch and Swimming at Turayog Resort
02:00PM - Surfing in Bulalacao Beach
05:00PM - Rest
05:30PM - Est. Departure for Manila

Port Fee
Environment Fee
Boat Transfer
3 camp meals (buffet)
1 plated meat at Turayog Resort
Resort Entrance Fees
Life Jacket
Unlimited cocktail drinks (mobile bar)
Land transfers from port to Turayog Resot and Bulalacao Beach

What is not included deemed excluded.

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D Bar Kadz
Municipality of Jose Panganiban

I almost forgot, that before going back to Daet, we were treated to a great tasting spaghetti from this joint. Definitely not part of the noontime show, so delicious is their spaghetti, that one big bowl was gluttoned down by three of the blogging team.


We would like to thank the wonderful people for making this trip possible;

The Governor's and related Mayors' offices
Provincial Tourism Office headed by Mr. Bong Palma - #cometocamnorte
Municipal Tourism Office of Jose Panganiban headed by Ruth Marie Forteza #doublethefuninjosepanganiban

You may track our group's activities in the social media by this hashtag.

thanks to Kenneth Surat for the cover photo and image of the Rizal Monument.
thanks to Lariza Garcia for the group photo with Mayor Dong Padilla.