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Travel PH | Camarines Norte Day Two - A great getaway in the South

On our Day Two in Camarines Norte, typhoon Jolina gave us a brief respite from the rains.  We were able to move around and start enjoying our tour of the province.

Municipality of Daet

It was early travel to a beach again in Daet for this morning.  This time its Bagasbas Beach.  A long stretch of black/brown sand beach with rolling waves that can be used for surfing.  So its no wonder some of the residents are offering surfing lessons here.  During weekend mornings, zumba classes are conducted also.

Bagasbas Beach - Daet

During our visit, we were lucky enough to witness the kick off of this annual event.  Participated by motorcycle enthusiasts from all regions, this is an endurance run that will test the rider and bike.  The participants, numbers estimated at 200, must go around all the 12 checkpoints among the 12 municipalities of Camarines Norte.  The event proposes to push tourism and camaraderie among the participants.

Municipality of Daet

After some zumba class, after the roaring engines of motorcycles, we were brought to this adventure park.  It boast of having a long zipline along valley, an eco trail, and a cable car ride. Due to the inclement weather, we were only allowed to do some ziplines.

To better appreciate this, please click on the video provided to us by Lariza Garcia below;

Binuang Falls
Municipality of Labo 

After the zipping, we went up a three tier falls in Barangay Daguit.  Its a falls which you can climb up steep stairs to reach the other two falls.  All three had pools in them so you can choose which one's to dip into.  On the topmost pool, one can do cliff diving.  Yes, cliff diving.  So if you are the adventurous type, jump.

I'm not the adventure type of person, so I jumped on the first tier. Which was shallow.

They placed a rubber hose with punctures so you have showers on the first tier pool.

Villa Eusebia Restaurant
Municipality of Labo

After the zumba, the roar, the jumping, the dipping, we all got hungry and ate at Villa Eusebia Restaurant.  This place was focused more on special events like weddings and parties, but during our visit, we were shown to an area overlooking Busigon River.  The color of the river was muddy then as a typhoon was currently over Camarines Norte.  Nevertheless, this never dampened the spirits of the restaurant and they served us our first taste of sinantol.

Photo provided from their facebook page.

Photo provided from their facebook page.

Municipality of Labo

A few minutes from our lunch, we were shown this farm resort.  A relatively new resort, this establishment boasted of large pools where a group can relax and swim.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating with us, so we had to go to our next destination.  We would have loved to try their facilities.  For more details on this. simply click on the photos.

Photo provided from their Facebook page.

Photo provided from their facebook page.

Municipality of Labo

Another new resort that were shown to us was this. An organic farm that doubles as a team building resort as well.  Among the pools and gymnasium they have, you can see an obstacle course and a building housing room accommodations for guests.  For more details simply click on the photos.

Company employees doing team trainings. (Photo provided from their facebook page).

Our blogging team welcomed on site.(Photo provided by their Facebook Page).

For more information on the Municipality of Labo, please click here and message Mr. Victor Zabala.

Municipality of Paracale

Paracale was named after Para Cale or canal diggers.  They were so doing during the spanish times as this town is known for mining gold.  So the name stuck.  Now Paracale is boosting their tourism by showing off their rich cultural heritage.

Paracale Tourism Office Julius Adecer giving us pointers on his town.
A town of brave people they are.
Municipality of Paracale
Just a stone's throw away from the Municipal Hall, the church can be seen right away.  The church is already 409 years old as of writing and if you are fond of old churches, then this one will rock your fancy.

If you are given a chance to climb up its belfry, do take the time.  From that point you may see the whole town, such a breath taking view.  You will also see the vintage bells they have up there, that withstood the tests of time.  During our visit, we were able to do so.  Aside from this, we were given a brief glimpse to the Lady of Candeleria or Inay Candi for most locals, which many attests is miraculous.

Photo from Christian Aligo

The miraculous Lady of Candelaria.

Municipality of Paracale

To showcase the rich cultural heritage of the town, the owners of the Paliza Gallery took time and effort to amass old or vintage photos of their townsfolks of yesteryears.  Its so overwhelming to see the number of photographs that lined the gallery walls.  It will make you proud of their heritage when you see these images.

At the stairs leading to the roof top.  Thanks to Lariza Garcia for the photo.

Old photographs abound in the Paliza Gallery.  Thanks to Lariza Garcia for this photo.

Municipality of Paracale

What is travel to Camarines Norte without swimming in a beach.  We have forgone swimming on day one due to bad weather and this time around, No one was holding us back when we did so here in Pulang Daga Beach.  No, there are no red rats here.  The name was derived from the word "daga" or "soil".  With the surrounding soil being red, they called the beach Pulang Daga.

Sand actually is near brown and fine so swimming is highly recommended herein.  With lots of cottages herein, one will be encouraged to stay and take a dip.

Municipality of Paracale

After a long day of touring, then swimming, we were treated to a sumptuous dinner here. Fe Yasis, the Marketing Officer of the Kitchen, showed us some traditional bicolano dishes.  She boasts that these dishes were special and not the carinderia type of cooking.  Aside from the serving, she also gave us a description of the food served which enhanced more the dining experience.  For more on their kitchen, please click here.

Bicolano Food by Candists Kitchen
From their facebook page.

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We would like to thank the wonderful people for making this trip possible;

The Governor's and related Mayors' offices
Provincial Tourism Office headed by Mr. Bong Palma - #cometocamnorte
Municipal Tourism Office of Labo headed by Victor Zabala #visitlabo #ilovelabo
Municipal Tourism Office of Paracale headed by Julius Adecer #paracaletsgo

You may track our group's activities in the social media by these hashtag.

Thanks to Kenneth Surat for the main photo of this article.
Thanks to Lariza Garcia for the video on the Zipline and group photos in the Paliza Gallery.
Thanks to Christian Aligo for the image of the church in Paracale.
Thanks to Jerny Destacamento for the image of the food served in Candists Kitchen.