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Travel PH | Step back in time in Intramuros

Intramuros translated into "inside the walls" is the seat of government during the spanish colonial times. Thus if one would walk the cobble stoned roads of intramuros, one would feel nostalgic and wonder what were the life during those times.

Fast forward to 2017, the nostalgic charms of the city is still being maintained.  I was on my way to a film workshop when I passed through Lawton on my way to Intramuros.  Passing through its gates gave me goosebumps as I felt I was transported back in time.  The only thing that reminded me of the present was the presence of cars on its streets.

I passed by old churches, old buildings and cobbled streets, the parked calesas, and the policemen wearing Aguinaldo era soldiers' uniforms.  Great renditions of the colonial era.

If you want to feel the old Manila, Intramuros is it.  I will go back to this place soon with the walls in focus.