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Person of Influence | Mr. Jae J. Jang, Korean Order of Merit Awardee

Mr. Jang started from humble beginnings who attained success through hard work.  His family was not affluent and he had studied as a scholar in Korea Maritime University.  Later on, Mr. Jang became a ship captain and was able to provide for his family.  Then he came to our country the Philippines in 1984 during the Marcos regime and experienced the People Power Revolution, and he even joined it in 1986.  It was also this year when he established his company in Manila, Uni-Ship Inc. Today he handles shipping, logistics and IT businesses in the country.

Korean National Order of Merit has been awarded to Mr. Jae J. Jang last Sept. 27, 2017 by Korean President Jae In Moon for serving Filipinos affected by Leprosy and homeless street people in our country the Philippines for 20 years.

Then sometime in 1992, He founded the Sorok Uni Foundation, a non-profit organization working for and with Filipinos affected by Leprosy and the homeless urban and rural poor.  Mr. Jang in his long stay in the country and the tradition of helping, he has become to be more like a Filipino.  

Mr. Jang with his wife, Mrs. Kyung Hee Jang in Seoul, Korean when he recieved the Korea National Order of Merit from Korean President President Jae In Moon.
As a Christian, he believes that Jesus came to this world to take care of those who are suffering, and he copies the same when he helps those afflicted with Leprosy and the homeless.  He hopes that his vocation can spread to give love to the weak and the needy.

Thank you Mr. Jang for helping the Filipinos.  More power Sir and may God bless your family.

Mr. Jang helps in cutting the hair of the homeless in Manila every Sunday afternoon at Liwasang Bonifacio.