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About Town | Team Kramer Pushes Values and Healthy Habits Through Books

Team Kramer last week brought to us the Team Kramer Values and Healthy Habits.  A series of children's story books written by Cheska Garcia-Kramer and edited by Christelle Mariano.  Published by Sterling Books,  proceeds of the books will go to the Children's Hour Philippines Foundation.

The six books contain moral lessons, values, and healthy habits taught by the Kramers to their own children at home. Cheska adds that these books are "written from the heart" and are culled from their personal experiences. It is also penned with the help of her husband Doug and kids, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

As Christmas quickly rolls in, the Kramers encourage parents, teachers, and guardians alike to make these books their meaningful Christmas gift to their children. As Brand Ambassadors of Children’s Hour, the Kramers highly advocate the value of education for every Filipino child, and that access to quality education is every Filipino child’s right. They believe that education is an important aspect in creating better Filipino citizens and is an avenue where we can mold our children’s characters.

These books are now available in all National Book Store branches nationwide at very affordable prices. 

Should you like to purchase them online check these wonderful links;

Clean Hands -
Miss Know It All -
How Do I Brush My Teeth? -
How Do I Shower? -
The Boy Who Had Everything -

At the very end, should you wish to help the Children's Hour Philippines Foundation, directly simply click here.