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Tech | Iphone X Review, The Good The Bad and the Half of It

I was surprised to be invited to use and play with the new Iphone X.  An early shout out Widget City for giving us a chance to take a glimpse of the new Iphone by Apple.

Since this is one of the most anticipated products in 2017, let me give you the short brief review of what we liked and what we don't like about it.  Disclaimer - we only had a few hours to use the phone so there will be things left out in this review.  We will try our best to include them here.  This is also not technical.

What are the likes?

The Screen.  The OLED screen by Samsung, yes Samsung.  The apps, the photos and videos are really top notch.  Vivid colors and crisp lines make this the best of the Iphones already in the market.  Whats funny though is the fact that Apple has been bad mouthing OLED years prior.  Maybe OLED had an improvement? Maybe, so here we have it in this new phone.

Wireless Charging.  Although we didn't get to sample this feature as the box didn't include wireless charging.  But nevertheless its in this phone.

Face ID.  The 30,000 IR sensors really do their thing.  During our testing it worked well enough that whenever I use my Iphone 6, I'm waiting for it to open duh.  The only thing that annoys me with Face ID is that, although it opens your phone right away, it doesn't take you to the home screen.  You have to swipe up still to go to your home screen.  Although annoying at first, you won't notice it after a while of using it.

No Home Button.  It took us a while to get accustomed to the absence of Home button.  Swiping up need to get use to and after a while it grows on you. You have to swipe up long enough to see the home screen though, swipe half you get the multi tasking screen.

Performance.  With the new A11 chip you can really feel its power.  Phone works fast, apps open fast. 

Battery Life.  Although we have played with this thing for a short time, battery we noticed was very good. We noticed it drained just a little.  Upon checking with other heavy reviews, one full charge lasts 6 to 8 hours for some. That's impressive.

Now the things we don't like about it.

No headphone socket.  Although they did this way back with the Iphone 7, I still can't get over this idea of going to bluetooth earpods just to connect with it.  They have an adapter from USB C to the 3.5 socket so don't worry.  Its included in the box.  Its just inconvenient though, especially if you are used to listening to music while charging your phone.

Wireless Charging.  Yes we placed it as a plus but you have to buy that kind of charger and its not cheap though.

The Notch.  Reviewers get annoyed with this screen faux pas.  I promised you it won't bother after you use this phone for sometime.  You will not even notice it until you watch a movie.  It shows up in landscape mode and it will certainly affect your viewing pleasure.

Narrow Keyboard.  Due to the new screen form factor, the keyboard also got affected.  It offers a narrower keyboard that will take time to get used to.

The price.  This is the most expensive Iphone yet.  Priced at Php69,500 for the 64Gb model and Php79,500 for the 256GB as of this writing, this will definitely make you think twice.  Considering the great features and being the most innovative Iphone that came out for a long time, we think the price is just right.  But for those who don't have the disposable income of an Ayala, shelling that amount for a phone is too much.  It can already buy a second car.

For technical specifications of the phone, please refer to Apple here.

That being said above, the new Iphone X is truly the best Iphone that ever come out of the Apple factory.  We feel that hardware wise, all Iphones are great.  Recently what we noticed is that its the IOS thats the problem and it has been a problem for quite sometime now.

Its difficult for this writer to do this article due to fact that I have already stated in prior articles that my Iphone 6 will be the last Iphone I will own.  I realized with the new Iphone X that its only the Software I hate.  I would really love getting the new Iphone X for its features, the software can be upgraded and fixed.

Now for those would like to own one, show some love my way and buy them from Widget City in Manila.  They have been very accommodating and their staff has been phenomenal in service to its customers that's why I recommend buying from them.

They are located at taft avenue, click on the link here for their google map image.