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Dining | Fatburger Philippines - Glorietta Branch

Last time this writer ate at a Fatburger was in the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai.  So when finally Fatburger came to the Philippines, I had to try them out.

First off, the ambiance is the same.  It reeks of premium burger, the only difference is that this one had beer in it.  So plus one already for this place.

I can't remember much of my order in the UAE except that the burger was really tasty and yummy.  First bite made me remember the burger last time in the UAE.  Arabic memories placed me into a trance from the taste of this burger.  Great feeling, remembering friends whom I have worked with in Dubai.

The feeling was already great but this time around the only bad choice I made was adding Blue Cheese on my burger.  The cheese I felt wasn't a great fit for this wonderful burger, or it is just me.  

There are three kinds of cheese you may add into your burger like cheddar and one more I forgot the name and this blue cheese.  I felt a little bit fancy so I chose incorrectly.  My taste buds made the burger a bit off for my taste.

Overall the burger was huge (compared to the usual fastfood burger), lots of ingredients but size was smaller than that from the UAE.  Since this is what the Philippine branch had to offer, it is the best already.  Taste was yummy and maybe next time, I'll pair it with beer.  They also have a happy hour so they have a buy one take one offer for beer.

This branch is located near Glorietta 2 Activity Center along Park Lane Avenue along Holiday Inn.  The place is huge so you won't miss it.

Will definitely dropby again soon to try out their other stuff.  I felt that they had more in the menu compared to that of UAE.