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Dining | Sigsaga Korean and Japanese BBQ

We are fans of buffet.... With this one, this sets the buffet scene differently.  Usually the buffet is set up like this.  Prices were different from Lunch and Dinner.  From weekday to weekend, prices and menu dishes are prepared differently as well.  Not with this establishment.

Located in the middle of Las Pinas, Sigsaga (Korean for Superb) simplifies the buffet experience with one price for lunch and dinner, weekday and weekend.  No special prices, no special menu items, simply dine in and pay Php299.  Wait, what? Just Php299?  Yes you read correctly, its only Php299.  They have special offers on top of this.  Come in in a group of 6, you get that one person for free.  Pay only for five people and the sixth person is free!!! What a deal breaker!!!!

Now lets get down to the food.  Yes its buffet and eat all you can.  Surprisingly the price is great, the food taste is likewise great.  With the number of items on point, you won't believe you're only paying Php299.  Mostly are korean and won't disappoint in taste and quality.  You can cook beef korean style on their grill.  This is inclusive of that in the price.

Wait theres more!!!!  They also serve some japanese dishes and for an extra Php129, you get 6 pieces of Shrimp Tempura.  Yes, 6 pieces of big yummy sized shrimps on this this order.  Wait, still there's more!!!! For extra more pesos (I forgot how much) you can have a hot pot on your table!!!!  So you only not get the Grill, you get a hotpot.  So prepare yourself to get hot on both dishes on your lap.

Overall, we had a great dining experience in the middle of Las Pinas.  Should you get into traffic and would like to wile the time away, this place is a great getaway.  We hope to see this resto in other places as well.

For more about their food, simply click here.

You will definitely see us again here in the future.

*the writer was in a food coma for days after eating here.  great food, was full for a day and a half after eating buffet.