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Entertainment | The Beginning of the End is here - Avengers Infinity War's First Trailer

The long overdue first trailer for the Avengers Infinity War finally arrived.  Here we will find the assembly of not only the Avengers, but with all the superheroes the Marvel Studios have films released so far (all 17 of them).

They will be against Thanos who has been depicted as the greatest villain of all time and has been announced since 2012 in the post credit credit scene of the first Avengers film.  Wow that's almost 5 year of tease coming from Marvel Studios and fans are dying to see this two part film.  The first film will be shown in 2018 while the other in 2019.

The Infinity War will be the culmination of the its cross overs and will be a game changer they say.  We won't spoil the film just yet so lets just wait for more announcements in the future.

The first part of the Infinity War will be shown May 4, 2018 in theaters world wide.