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Dining | Mang Inasal and the Unli Rice Craze - Molito Alabang

Mang Inasal a well known fast food chain in the Philippines.  Being well know means I rarely go there.  Not because I don't like the food there, but for two things.  First, its always full on a weekday either lunch or dinner, and secondly, the unlimited rice wrecks havoc on my health conscious efforts.

This time around,  I was to meet a friend in Molito in Ralph's (check out our related article here) to be exact, I came in early.  Then I was hungry and here I was walking beside a Mang Inasal branch.  Lo and behold, being a Sunday, the store was empty (except for a few customers).  I decided against my judgement to go in and sample again their chicken barbecue on a skewer/ stick.  And I bought the extra rice option, knowing one rice won't be enough.  The serving size of their chicken is huge so I indulged with this option.

My order came in fast (due to less customers), and immediately I asked for another cup of rice.  Hoping that this cup would be my last.  To give you the scenario, here I was eating alone in a corner, then beside my table, maybe a few tables far back, I can see a table people eating with their hands.  I usually don't do that but since there were a few customers, when in Rome they say.

Blame this.

Then I tasted the chicken. Boom, all hell broke loose.  Half way through my chicken, my two cups of rice was gone.  I asked for another cup hoping (again) it would be my last, but it wasn't.  I went for four cups then I stopped.  There was no more chicken to even order for a fifth cup of rice.

As I said earlier, I rarely go into this restaurant.  Now I have to stop now and do some biking.  Got to shed the rice off my belly.  Till next time.

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