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Person of Interest | Leian Cruz in Cruz Control

We know that eating three times a day with snacks in between is what we were taught is healthy. Yes, we were molded by this idea in school but did we actually think that eating less is alright?

The former national athlete, triathlon player and now lifestyle manager, Leian Cruz. Challenged us few days ago which I tried the best I could. I often crave for sweets in breakfast with cereals and oats, rice must have in my plate and instant noodles or bread for snacks. Given a challenge to cut off sugar, less carbs and processed food. It is difficult OMG.

The purpose of this exercise is to cleanse my insides. I'm not going to let myself starve for the first half of the week, what he suggested is to plan an ideal healthy meal by replacing my usual diet like cereal & oats to greens with chopped tomatoes. Should I crave for something to eat, I'll get a glass of water. It was proven through a study (he says) that if we are crave to eat even we just ate, perhaps we are thirsty.  Thus the glass of water.

Along the way there will be temptations, especially with my dad came home from Camarines Norte trip with pasalubongs. He got for us a very long Pili cake roll and mini sized bread with Pili filling. I remembered his talk so, I only took a thin slice to taste and prepared hot tea.  Its really difficult to have a healthy lifestyle with a Dad who isn't.

So far, following his diet, I don't get sleepy after I eat a meal or want to eat more, I tend to do complete most of the task for the day.  'Getting healthy is cheaper' according to Sir Leian. In comparison to all the pricey dieting programs, vitamins and surgeries available.

His short talk with the media partners made us reconsider things we get from the grocery store and think back on how our ancestors lived longer.

We learned a lot during his talk and you would too if he personally tells you what you're been doing wrong in losing weight and how he can improve your regimen. If you plan to jump on a triathlon or biking up to the mountains, see all his friends - clients progress on his Facebook page.

Reach Sir Leian at Cruz Control Multisport Institute .