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Tech | Why I ditched my MBP for an old Windows 7

To be honest, my 2014 MBP died on me.  It all started with it giving me GPU panic attacks.  Upon having it checked, most say it's part of the recall program by apple.  They will replace the motherboard as the video processor was the culprit.  Now easier said than done.  My MBP was a vintage and the parts will have to be ordered and would take some time.  Now upon checking the innards, they experts found out I upgraded my memory using not their authorized part, that immediately voided my eligibility to the recall program.  He immediately closed my MBP.  WTF I said.  He told me to order the motherboard for Php40,000 plus shipping.  That's the price for a brand new Windows laptop already.

When I shifted to the MAC world, I was all praises for its products.  It was a great help with my photography and video services.  Now that I was mostly doing food and travel reviews, I felt instead of having it fixed, I'd try out a 12 inch Lenovo X220.  I've read good reviews on this small wonder so I bought one for Php10,000 off

I was skeptical about this at first since its an old machine with an old windows OS.  I thought this was good only for word processing and some spreadsheet functions.  Lo and behold it could handle my heavy Lightroom and Photoshop use.  Soon I'll be doing normal Vlog works so I will be doing some video editing.  Will write an updated to it when I do so.

To summarize I switched to Windows because;

1.  Ever since Steve Jobs died, there was no more innovations on Apple products.  They keep on introducing new models with minimal upgrades yet have tremendous price increases.  Also the OS upgrades do not work well with "vintage" models.  Before jobs died, all OS upgrades were fine with this, when Tim Cook took over, my MBP slowed down with the new upgrades and I suspect it was because of this my video card went dead on me.  

2.  New MBP models costs a lot, I mean a lot more now adays and just for the touch bar? A touch bar that I know I won't use.  They were great with the Ipad, why not incorporate it in the MBP.  New windows laptops have touch screen already.  The new MBP now adays costs Php120,000.  A decent similar spec windows laptop costs a third of that.

3.  Service is so proprietary.  You can't have your MBP modified lest your warranty will be voided.  My old MBP I modded myself since it was easily upgrade able.  Now I was told everything is so soldered down.  Service being proprietary, means service is expensive.  Before it was just fine to have them fixed but with Steve Jobs gone, customer experience went down considerably.  Now if I do buy a new MBP, I'm not confident having it fixed through Apple.

So there are my reasons why I ditched my MBP for a Lenovo X220.  As of now the latter's performance has been phenomenal so far and would later upgrade to a new model of Lenovo soon.