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Dining | Ogetsu Hime - SM Megamall

We found another new japanese restaurant.  It was a bit intimidating as this one is on the high end side of the menu price range.  What made us decide to dine here is to get the taste of their Matsusaka Beef.  During our visit, they offered 50% discount on it.  So we splurge a little bit and dove in.

For the price of the food, it didn't disappoint.  Instead of ordering ramen which were priced at Php400, we opted for the bento kind which carried a higher price.  As I said, they didn't disappoint.  Along with good taste, they offered great presentation.  We were also treated to a good show from their resident chef.  Although Filipino, he was great at handling the Teppanyaki grill.

The Matsusaka Beef was fantastic.  So soft, succulent, juicy, the chef made it into your preference.  I had mine at medium rare and he really nailed it.  If given another chance I would love to take another crack at it.

Their yakiniku or skewered items was great.  The rolls we ordered were exceptional.  The fried rice was prepared also using the teppanyaki grill in front of us and what else can I say?  We had a great time with this joint.

For a complete menu prices, please look into our album here.

Look at that serving....

The pork katsudon was soft and juicy.

Bacon wrapped asparagus