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Travel PH | Found Another Sabang Beach - Capalonga Camarines Norte

I've travelled quite a bit and I found out today that there are 3 Sabang Beaches I've been to.  First one was in Baler, Aurora.  Second one was in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, the third this one is in Capalonga, Camarines Norte.

The first two were situated in bustling and commercialized town, but in this town, it has its own provincial charm which was different.  A sprawling beach, fine brown sand, cool waters, friendly locals, what else would you ask for?  For me, changing rooms.  This beach is still virgin that changing rooms is not present.  No resorts means less people.

For me these things are not a problem, I like camping (let me check if they would allow) and doing it ghetto.  I haven't done camping here during this visit but I could imagine already how it would be.

Quiet beach, only the sound of the waves lulling you to sleep.  When you spread out your mat on the beach, you get to see the stars in the sky.  You don't see stars anymore in the cities so seeing these on a virgin beach, simply wonderful.

Going here from Manila would take an 8 hour drive yet the view will be enough to cover for the long drive.  There are buses that service this route but we don't have definite details yet, we will update this when we have the same.

Although Capalonga is a third class municipality in the province of Camarines Norte, the people is the reason along with the beaches are its gems.  People are nice, beaches are great, its no wonder that tour operators bring a number of tourists to this place on a regular basis.

Now for those who can't wait and book to see the place, simply send them a message at their facebook page here.