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Dining | Buffet Opulence at Oceano Restaurant - Acuatico Hotel and Beach Resort

Oceano Restaurant is located at the Acuatico Hotel and Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas.  A small footprint along the beach yet loaded with features and amenities.  Acuatico has has one of its best features is their restaurant offering a great buffet.  Nothing beats eating after a good amount of swimming from the waters off Batangas and lounging whole day in their infinity pool.

Going up some stairs , you will be met by long buffet tables.  If you are accustomed to these in posh hotels in Manila, you will be surprised at the number of great selection they dish out.  For only Php800 you will be served with a good array of meat and vegetables.  And look at their dessert table, they even have a chocolate fondue.

Admittedly, it's difficult to describe the warm feeling of eating at their buffet.  Better let the pictures show you what's in store for you when you dine at Oceano's.

To reach this place, you may take a bus from Cubao to Batangas City Terminal.  Then take a jeep to Laiya, then ask around how to get to the Acuatico Hotel and Beach Resort.  You may take a tricyle or a jeep.  Another route can be taken, like taking a bus to Lipa, then there's a van going to Laiya.  You can ask the van driver to drop you off Acuatico.  The hotel is just along the highway so its easy.

Words and pictures here can't describe the dining experience we had.  From breakfast, lunch till dinner, we had a blast.

For more details on Oceano Restaurant, you may reach them at the following contact details.