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Dining | Going Asian with Mongolian Quick Stop

In the food court of Glorietta 4 Mall in Makati, we have tried different restaurants herein.  For some reason, we somehow overlooked this Mongolian Quick Stop.  Now that we were not in a hurry, we scoured the place for a new taste test and we finally find this asian themed restaurant.

We are used to mongolian dishes when we get a bowl and choose which ingredients we would like to eat.  Hand them over the cook and he will saute it according to your taste, either sweet, normal or spicy.  During our visit, to make it simple as we are in the fast food court, we opted for the seafood rice topping for Php135.

As the name of the dish suggests,  its made up of squid rings and shrimp (yes just one shrimp).  Then add in onions, garlic, bean sprounts and carrots, sauteed with I think sesame oil and is it oyster sauce or hoisin (?) then its done.  Topped over rice, this makes a great dish for the hungry individual.

Zero points on presentation as this is just stir fried and dumped over a bowl of rice.  Don't expect a Gordon Ramsey style here.  Just plunk them in the bowl and serve.

Taste wise, I was surprised it wasn't spicy.  They didn't ask me how it should be cooked, I forgot to specify also.  So it wasn't sweet as well (except for when I bite into a bean sprout), but it was salty due to the oyster or hoisin sauce (I can't distinguish herein).

Serving size is just right.  The amount of the topping is comparable with the rice in it.  I was full after eating this so I felt my Php135 was worth it.  Also I would mention that with the meal it includes a small cup of Ice Tea.

So if you are within this food court and would like to try something fancy, head on over to Mongolian Quick Stop.  I also believe that they other locations as well so you will not be forced to this one place only in Glorietta 4 Mall.

For more information, simply message them at their facebook page here.

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