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Dining | Going Tex Mex with Taco Bell - Gateway

I've been dining recently at asian restaurants that when I saw this Tex Mex one, Taco Bell, I decided to try this one out.  I've seen this for sometime and somehow I always got no time to review them.  This time around I had time to kill around in Gateway Mall in Araneta Center.

First off, they are located in the food court section thus, not that enticing for me.  Don't get me wrong, its not the food that gives off a bad rep for me, its the food court.  The dining area is shared among the food court kiosks, and public.  Public meaning people can lounge around all day, taking up tables yet they are not eating.  They think this is a public park that people loiter here.  So if you are a diner, getting a table for eating is not that easy task.

What finally made me decide to eat here is the fact that there was a table that's vacant near the Taco Bell counter so I placed a no value item on it.  This practice reserves this table for me, so after taking my order I know I have a place waiting for me.  I don't know if this practice is a good or bad thing but hey, it works. (send me an email at if you consider this bad).

Since I was used to having burgers, ordering Taco was a new one for me.  I ordered the Cheesy Double Decker to be safe.  Was wondering how the Double Decker Taco would look but hey, there's always a first time.

When it finally came, I was surprised that it had two Taco shells,  one crunchy (the one I know, that creates a mess when you eat them) and a soft one (tortillas they say, I came from the middle east and we call them pitas).  So the double decker means double the taco shells?

Well, the double shelled taco is a good thing.  With the soft shell, over the crunchy one, taking a bite on this taco is not messy, the soft shell captures the bits of the crunchy shell.  It was manageable eating this taco.

Eating a taco is messy for me, the ground beef always fall off for me, so I was very careful with this one.  Tastewise, the cheese was overpowering, so if you like cheese, then this is for you.  Flavors explode in your mouth and I was surprised a taco can be this great.

The nachos that went with my combo was crunchy as well. Very crisp.  What I miss about the nachos were the dip.  It didn't have one.  I was expecting a salsa dip was in order but it wasn't included.  So don't get your expectations so high.  The nachos were okay but without a dip, it was just okay.

Now for the price of Php159, this combo meal makes me scratch my head.  It had a small amount of nachos (no dip), double walled taco, lots of cheese (or is it) on top, and a regular sized cola.  I'm no expert with fast food costing but giving you a small tray of food for Php159 still made me wanting for more.  I believe they intended me to buy more stuff from them but with the small tray, I wasn't persuaded to do so.  

I do hope the serving size would improve, the taco was small in my hand and I felt they can improve it a bit some more.  Next time I will pass by I will try their burritos.

For more details on this mexican themed joint, you may visit their facebook page here -

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