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Dining | A Great Kiosk in the New Festival Mall Wing - Baliwag

We were up for a food review in the day and yet I preceded it with another food review while waiting for our shuttle.  For this one, we had a chance to walk around the new wing of the Festival Mall.  This new wing houses the new Landmark Department Store and Supermarket.  On the floor of the latter, they have a food court that houses a number of brand name restaurants.  

Here we chose Baliwag for these reasons:

Choices were aplenty.
If you noticed right up on their store, lots of choices to choose from.  Dishes were a handful and at first glance will confuse you.  Thank god for their signs, you will see what you are getting.

Prices are displayed
On these signs, prices are displayed with large numbers.  The prices likewise cheap by fast food standards. 

Filipino food
We craved for some filipino food so we ate here.

Fast Service
Since everything is cooked, serving your order is a breeze.

Now after having said those reasons, now off to our review.  We ordered the Php99 combo meal with rice and 2 meat dishes and 1 vegetable dish.  Wow.

Serving size.  Like in most food court joints, to serve meals like this cheap, they use plates with dividers already.  As expected for the price, the dishes were small, but the focus here when you buy them are you having different tastes in different dishes.  You will not be filled with just one dish alone.  Lest you want to order ala carte and price then would go up.

Taste wise.  We got the pork sinigang (to have some great soup aside from the free soup they offer), bopis (to provide some spice) and pancit canton (noodles - you are given an option of pinakbet or noodles) along with a cup of rice.

Pork sinigang wise, this dish was great.  It had the expected zing when you get sinigang.  Serving of pork was adequate as well. Not much bones so you get more meat.  A handful of vegetables are likewise a joy.

Pancit Canton lacked the vegetables and its just a simple mix.  So don't expect much in flavor.  Serving wise, with more noodles, I can't complain.  Fills up your stomach nicely.

The Bopis was a let down.  I thought it had the spice but it didn't have it.  Flavor wise, I feel the ingredients were either lacking or it didn't have enough time to mixed together to get that flavor I was hoping for.  Serving wise, it was plenty already, but the lack of the flavour didn't push it to greater heights.  I thought I was just eating boiled meat with some sauce or is there any flavor in it at all?  Took me a while to finish this dish.  Hope they can improved on this one.

So simply go to the new wing food court and immediately you will Baliwag on your left.  Most people line up in other restaurants as people who come here are a bit on a higher economic strata thus they tend to shy away from this one.  So if you are like me, a cheapskate, then you will have a grand time ordering in Baliwag. :)

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