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Dining | Lami-a Ani Bay Chicken Bacolod - Alphaland Magallanes

I've seen Chicken Bacolod in some malls for sometime now and this time I took the chance to sample their dishes or dish.

For this trip this writer ordered the Pork Barbecue.  When you order, its not your typical fast food joint.  You sit down, and a menu will be provided to you by a server.  Then you choose and tell the server what you want to order.

My choice was fast to be served even though they said it would be ready in 20 minutes.  The pork was tender and tasty.  The fried rice that came with it was gone after a few bites.  I held my ground and did not order for another cup.

This meal costed me Php147 for two skewered pork barbecue with one cup of fried rice and achara (pickled papaya).  Athough thin the pork was, it was tasty and for me was a good amount of serving.  I still wish it was thicker though :)

There are other combo meals as well with unlimited fried rice available and it will for another day.

For more details on their dishes and branches, better visit them at their facebook page.