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About Town | MLQU Launches Their Executive Education Program

The Manuel L. Quezon University as a private university based in Quiapo and has now located in Quezon City, Philippines. Housed at the new spanking building on EDSA, the new location is at the Victoria Sports Tower.  

Named after the Philippine president, the university has produced a number of notable graduates besting in their fields of expertise.  Most notable are the following, Roberto Abad (Supreme Court of the Philippines, Associate Justice - Retired), Isagani Cruz (Supreme Court of the Philippines, Associate Justice - Retired), Blas Ople (Former Senate President) and Alberto Romulo (Former Foreign Affairs Secrectary) to name a few.

In it's pursuit of excellence in education they are enhancing this with the introduction of its newest program, the Executive Education Program.  This is offered in the following fields, Business (Sales, Marketing, Entreprenership, Human Resources), Engineering, Computer Studies, and Law.  This new program has been identified as a vital tool for businesses to improve leadership aptitude and capacity.

During their launch, they also awarded Atty. Lilia De Lima, MLQU Alumna of 1962, the Quezonian Lifetime Achievement Award.  This is for her invaluable contributions to the public sector, having recently won Asia's most prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service.

The mission of MLQU is to educate leaders who made and continue to make a difference in the world of Business and Public Service, living to its credd of "Pro Patria et Jure: for Country and Law".

For more information on the program, send them a message at their facebook page - MLQU Offical.

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