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Assuming from the name, Manam Express, this is an offshoot of the famous restaurant Manam I found in Bonifacio Global City.  They tweaked somehow the process to suit the fast food scene but hey, as long as its yummy, then that's a good thing.

This Manam Express is located in the food court of Glorietta 4 Mall in Makati City.  Amidst other food kiosks, this one is along the walk way connecting the two food courts there.  They have a big sign and you won't miss them.

Now ordering is somehow a new things for most of us.  Unlike other food joints, you simply walk up the counter and simply point the combo meal or dish you want.  Here at Manam Express, there are steps you have to follow;

Step One - choose your ulam.  There are 4 variants. Ulam 1 is bagnet style lechon liempo, Ulam 2 is Caramelized Patis Pork Chop, Ulam 3 is Crispy Pork Binagoongan and Ulam 4 is House Crispy Sisig.  This writer is fond of Ulam 1. LOL

Step Two - Choose your gulay (vegetables).  There should have been 3 variants, Mangga with Kamatis, Gising Gising (Amplaya) and Pinakbet. However during our visit only two were available, the Amplaya and Pinakbet, so if you know me that well, I had Pinakbet.

Step Three - Choose your rice.  Here you have 4 variants, White Rice (Steamed), Garlic or Fried Rice, Binagoogan Rice and Tinapa Rice.  We had ordered the bagnet so I presume it goes well with Garlic Rice.

Total meal costs Php149 and you have a small of bowl of soup and Ice tea to go with it.  Considering this one is located in a posh mall, the cost was a welcome treat for a hungry and cost conscious diner like me.

Serving wise, you get 2 half cups of garlic rice (its a semblance of having more rice), a few chunks of liempo, a lot of pinakbet.  For the price I would say the serving size was adequate.  It really filled by tummy nicely.

Taste wise, for Php149 don't expect that much.  Garlic rice was great, the bagnet style liempo is just okay, not bad, not great, just good I guess.  Not crispy though like a bagnet, maybe they should have just named it lechon kawali.  Pinakbet was bland.  I can only taste the eggplant.  There we a lot of squash in the Pinakbet but somehow its the eggplant that I can get a taste of.  Not much kick or punch in it to truly make it a standout.  I was expecting this since this dish takes about 50% of my whole plate.  Maybe I was just expecting more since they are a Manam derivative.

Pricewise. In a mall? great!!! enough said.

We do hope that they improve on the Pinakbet.  The meal already is priced right, the liempo was cooked nicely, had a great complimentary soup and ice tea, the rice serving is fine by itself.  They do that to the Pinakbet, I will come on over and try the other ulams in the near future.

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