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Travel PH | Where to Stay in Baler Aurora

Baler in Aurora Province has been a recent tourist destination of late and I'm glad I had a chance to see it before the rush.  LOL.... Now that year is almost over, summer is never far in our sights.  To kick off the travel plans, we are writing here a list of hotels to stay in Baler.  (For suggestions as to what to do in Baler, click this link -

Now on to our list.

Along Sabang Road in Sabang Beach.

The Circle Hostel
mobile - Via 0917-5010235

We highly suggest The Circle Hostel.  Its the farthest most part of Sabang, its near the soldier's camp already but this one offers the most congenial bunch of transients around.  Its a hostel really and have a good number of foreigners at any given time.  If you want to mingle and hear international travel stories, then this is your place. They encourage friendships here so don't be surprised with guests talking to you and trying to make friends.  For our experience in their hostel click this link -

El Teodoro Lodge
mobile - 0917-4286716

Priced around Php4000 for 8 pax in a room.  For a room for 1-2 pax, it would cost Php700.

AMCO Beach Resort

They are known as AMCO Beach Resort and they have a big building along the road.  What we checked out was the beach extension where the nipa huts were located.  They were not that cordial when we were asking around but anyway we are placing them here just in case you would like to check them out.  Costs Php2000 as night for the Kubo and its good for 3 pax already.

Amihan Aplaya Lodge

This is one of the decent and clean ones we've seen also in Sabang Beach.  Their office is also very accommodating and they were happy to answer all our questions when they showed us their rooms.  Costs Php2,000-3,500 per day good for two pax, it comes with TV, Cable channels with Aircon.

JamJens Lodge

This three story hotel is located at the back so don't look for it along the road.  The picture above is an extension and you can see it offers lots of parking.  They also have hotel rooms along the road so you can see their sign.  The owners are the second most accommodating owners on this trip.  They have dorm type and hotel accomodations here.  Should you go dorm type, that would cost Php600 per person per day.  Room rates start from Php1500 (2 pax) all the way to Php4,000 (6 pax).  They also Fan rooms for Php1,000 (2 pax).

Pasilyo Lodge

Located just a few walks away from entrance of the road to Sabang is Pasilyo.  What kinda surprised me here is they have their own swimming pool.  For budget accommodations I've tap here, this one had their own pool.  Anyway, I found out also they have the cheapest room for 2pax at Php500 (fan room).  Aircon rooms starts at Php750 (2pax) to as high as Php5,000 (10 pax).  Owners are also managing directly the place so expect utmost care and service.  Good thing they have a facebook page now.

Baywalk Tent City and Cottages

By far the cheapest one we got is this.  For only Php100 per person per day, you bring your own tent and pitch it here.  What's the best is not just the price, but its just at the opening towards Sabang Beach.  What a great location this is.  Now there are cottages here prices start at Php800 for the open ones, and for those closed cottages Php1500.  No head count here as long as you fit inside of it, that's what they said. 

Not along Sabang Beach

ASJ Back Packers Place
mobile - 0999-9907688 and 0998-5673870

Although not along Sabang Road, it is worthwhile to mention this place.  Bed costs Php500 per day and they are located at the beachfront.  We haven't seen the place as we have opted to stay in Sabang.  The owner is very accommodating and knows getting to his place is a bit tricky (no jeepney in Sabang) so he offers to pick you up at the bus terminal or wherever you are in Baler.  A favorite hostel also for foreigners, but this one is just a simple type of accommodation judging from the pictures.  We will see to this once we get back in Baler in 2018.


How to go to Baler From Cubao
There are buses to take you to Baler directly.  Bus fare should be around Php500+ for an ordinary airconditioned bus, travel time maybe 5 hourish...  Should you opt to go deluxe, Joy Bus Lines ply this route for Php730 ish for one way.  Great thing about the deluxe bus is you get lazyboy style seating and it has a rest room as well.  So travel time to Baler via this way is only 4 hours.  Be warned though that they only have a few buses alloted to this route so better get to the terminal early to grab a seat.

photo credits go to their owners.  most photos were taken from their respective facebook accounts.  we hope to get more photos on our trip back here in 2018.

Room rates here were collated during the first quarter of the year 2017 so better check them out first before making reservations.  Should you have any comments to our article herein, we would like to you hear them at