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Dining | Sigsaga Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu is One Year Old!!!!

We just had an article written up for Sigsaga months ago, but this time it was their first year anniversary.  We extolled their Php299 price for a korean japanese buffet and they topped it still with their anniversary promo.  They offered Php149.50 for the second person when you dine in on their birthday.  What an effin offer!!!!

Located at the main entrance of BF Resort Village or opposite that of Casimiro Village in Las Pinas, Its just a few walk away from Zapote Road and its just on your right.  You will simply enjoy dining at Sigsaga Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu.

For their anniversary, they had a crowd already waiting before they opened.  They had no reservations for this day so people were sad knowing that the place was full already even before lunch.  Some people waited while others simply came back an hour or two.

I was here early with my son, and we were attended to immediately.  We saw people coming in as soon as they opened their doors.  We tasted their dishes months before and it was great then, it was still great even now.  This is why people keep on coming back to this place.

Aside from the the korean grill they offer, they have side orders of ebi tempura which is larger than those offered by other restaurants. Just look at this photo.

After eating your share of korean and japanese dishes, you have another table for desserts.  They even have a chocolate fountain!!!!  I can't simply explain to you how you will enjoy your Php299 here, you must experience it.

Pictures here are not staged and most crowds featured herein are of their regular customers who are happy to dine in on this day.  They happily posed for this writer.

With this crowd reception, we expect this place to expand rapidly next year.  So watch out for this name, it will soon be located in a place near you.

For more information, simply visit their Facebook page here

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