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Entertainment | Star Wars The Last Jedi - Is Someone Switching Sides?

Its technically 13 days left till showtime and all the peeps are going agaga with the release of the final poster of the film - Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi.  The latest film to be released by Lucas Films under Disney.

Based on the latest trailer months back, we see Ren Luke Skwalker afraid of Ren, then we see her reaching out to Kylo Ren.  Are we assuming a switch?  Will this happen? Watch the movie coming out on December 14 in the cinemas.  Now if you want to watch it ahead of your friend, read on.

On December 13, 2017 you can watch the block screening at Cinema 4 of Glorietta Mall.  Brought to you by Salad Bar and co-presented by Mplify in partnership with Karatula Marketing, Nail It, Dermcare and Rainbow Dream Spa.  You will be definitely ahead watching this over most of your friends, neighbors, workmates, classmates, the nation.  Now don't spoil the fun by twitting the stories.

Now, this is for the benefit of  the Children's Hour Foundation.  Ticket prices are at Php450 with Salad Bar Fruits in a cup.  There will be photo opportunities with Star Wars Cosplayers and celebrities as well.  

For ticket reservations, you may message Mplify here.