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Food Park | Everything Starts in Ground Zero

Before going up Tagaytay right right after GMA in Cavite, you will pass by Silang and you will find this Ground Zero Food Park along Biga 1 By-Pass Road on your right.

We noticed a big sign in front of this Food Park yet we felt that it can't be found while traversing the highway on  a normal day.  At night it won't be problem as they have lights on the sign so finding them is better after the sun goes down.  And it looks like that this place is alive at night more than during the day.

The place opens at 3pm and closes at Midnight.  Yes they do cater more in the evening.  And they are closed on a Monday, rest of the days, well, you can make a wild guess.

Now on to foods,  we ate pizzas, rolled ice creams, samgyupsal (they also have soju), tapsilogs, bulalo, squid balls, craft beer, juices, burgers, and bulalo... I had to repeat bulalo as this was the one that made me fond of this place.

Food is commensurate to the price so we feel dining here won't rob you of your wallet.  A day or night of fun with friends, drinking beer (that's how I see this place) and eating dinner... oh well... a great fun night that will be.

As I said they place is opens at 3pm yet people seem to know the place.  During our visit, we noticed a lot of patrons from families to students flock to this place.  As seen with our eyes, and taken by our cameras, people love going to this place early as they said, they can have good food with less people in the afternoon.

As food is already taken cared of, they also have a band that plays pop rock music.  They usually start playing at night time, but for us, they sang for us late afternoon.  We were rocking while eating our food.  This is just a preview of their night time activities and we presume, this would be packed on weekend nights.

Sadly we only stayed until 6pm and we would have loved staying a bit longer so we can feel the jampacked crowd at night.  Oh well, that's reserved for another day I guess.  This writer has been biking to Tagaytay and maybe one day I will take the longer route home and passby this place and to order some bulalo (third time raising this up - can you take a hint what to buy here?).

Another great thing we noticed - they have clean and great smelling rest rooms.  That's a great tip already.

To have an idea how to get to this place, better send them a message at their facebook page here.

Sorry we can't help with commuting directions as we went here in a car.  If you have an idea how, please send me an email at

See you there!!!