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Sports | The Weirdest NBA Game Ever (Maybe)

While I was looking for material for our sports section, we came across this game by the Golden State Warriors.  Yup the defending NBA 2017 Champions having the most weird game ever that we come across.  

Before the GSW were the champion that we know of,  they were cellar dwellers and holds 35 seasons for a team not getting into the playoffs.  Imagine that.  Now whats interesting is that during the 2010 when the team just won 26 games during the season and it was their last game.  They were up against the Portland Trailblazers with only 6 healthy players.

Now the NBA requires that a team can only play with at least 8 players.  Now whats weird is that their coach asked two more (injured) players to suit up to comply with said rules.  All's well that ends well they hope.

Five minutes into the game, their center suffered a knee injury so they are now down to 5 healthy players who are now all playing on the court.  They just hope that no one would get injured or foul outs to finally finish the game.  

Although playing the whole time, the GSW team, lead then by Steph Curry and Monty Ellis incredibly held their games well.  Less than 5 minutes left in the game,  the Warriors were up 108-104 then the unthinkable happened.  Devon George committed his sixth foul in the game.  He was disqualified and Coach Don Nelson must field in a new player.  Unfortunately his two remaining players were considered injured.  He fought with the referees allowing Devon George to stay in the game but they didn't allowed it.  Coach Nelson must field in a new player. 

Chris Hunter, their center who was injured his knee earlier had to come in and play. Barely walking, limping rather, he played for a minute then pleaded injury and was taken out of the game.  Coach Nelson pleaded to bring back George however the officials still asked him to field in the "injured" players.  

In came the players only to play an average of 10-15 seconds one long enough to foul somebody and the other simply called it as an injury. Only then Devon George was allowed by the officials to play the remaining three minutes of the game.

Now the remaining five healthy players must play to finish the game.  Weird as it may have been, the Warriors won this game 120-114 against the Portland Trailblazers.  When people might have accepted that the GSW will lose, with 5 players playing, them being cellar dwellers and the Trailblazers was in top rankings.  Steph Curry thought otherwise pouring in 11 points in the last three minutes leading a 14-6 surge to finally win the last game of the 2010 season.

It goes to show that passion and perseverance pays off in the end.