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Travel PH | How To Go To Calaguas - A Beach with Super Fine White Sands

Many say Calaguas is BxxxxxY (located near Caticlan) of 20 years back.  I won't dare say the B place since I think this place can hold its beauty against the one found in Panay.  With fine white sand, this beach can rival any great beach I've been to so far.  Still devoid of commercialism, except for two resorts we found there, this place is still pristine and more or less virginal.

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It takes eight to nine hours drive or bus ride from Manila to Daet. Take a jeep back to Vinzons, then look for the port that would take you to the Calaguas Island.  Ferry ride is two hours and you will be met with the beach that will surely captivate you.  

*great tip - buy the plastic bag sold by the children at the port. you will need it.

On the island as I said is composed of two resorts (or maybe more), but what this writer saw was a row of thatched roofs and a cemented one.  For sure the former are the budget types and the latter are for those who wants more luxury in their accommodations.

As the locals told us, it was much different when they started with the tourism in the island.  Now, they have clean shower and rest rooms.  With clean fresh water for bathing, its now more comfortable for the tourists coming in.

There's a store already there should you need something.  They also have now electric generators on the island so phone charging is made available.  We heard also people singing on a videoke, maybe this makes the beach less virginal.

An entry fee of Php100 takes care of your use of the facilities there.  You may pitch up your tent or rent cottages onsite.  For your convenience, we would suggest getting a tour package.  The tour operators can pick you up comfortably with their vans and take you directly to Calaguas Island.

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Now what to do in Calaguas aside from swimming and basking in the sun.  

You can go trekking.  There are two hills you can climb, one is the Mababa (otherwise known as Smoll Baguio - trust me the spelling is correct) and it has a pass through fee of Php20 for the upkeep of the hilltop.  Now there's the Mataas but it costs Php60 total as you have to pass through 3 properties on your way up.  For this time, we chose the cheaper route, we only reached Smoll Baguio.

Although its Mababa they say, you will have a view over most of the island.  Great view and cools winds will greet you at the top.  It can be your own little Sound of Music moment at the top so bring your soft flowing sun dress on this trek.  For men, just go up.

Should you like to experience Calaguas, please contact Darius Mirasol of Northlink Services.  They have the vans and the expertise to bring you comfortably and safely to and from Calaguas.  For further information on the island, you may contact the Camarines Norte Tourism Office.

For videos of our trip to this place. Click on the image below. Cheers.

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