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Dining | Something's Brewing in Alabang - The Perfect Pint

The Perfect Pint is not your usual beer joint south of Manila.  Located at Molito opposite Alabang Town Center, this bar or restaurant is crafting their own beers.  Yes you read it right, they do.

For this review, we have tried out their Margarita Pizza.  Not yet on their beers, that will be for another review.  For now, lets dive in the taste of their pizza.

Its thin crust and it was flavorful.  I can't remember what my friend requested to customize this, but the important thing here, they do pizza as per your preference.  I think we wanted more basil to this and less of the tomatoes.  Either way, pizza was great.  I surmise this should be paired with their craft beer, we wouldn't know as we were having our wine at Ralph's.  

Priced at Php450, not bad for a specially prepared pizza.  Not your usual fastfood fanfare, their pizza is worth coming over at Molito Mall Alabang.

Not limited to pizza, they also have chicken wings, pork knuckles, pastas, and sandwiches.  All those great with beer, I think that's how their menu was derived.

So you next time here at Molito Alabang.