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Dining | Chilling in Cafe Perene at Ayala Mall Feliz

I love staying in coffee shops to work, relax or chill with good friends. And the newest café to keep your eye on is Cafe Perene in the newly-opened Ayala Mall Feliz.

It's the sister restaurant of Forget Me Not Cafe (Lilac Street, Marikina) So those who love dining in Forget Me Not Cafe will also enjoy eating here. 

We were lucky to be invited by ABC Digital headed by Sir Arnel Bautista for a grand food tasting with other food bloggers.


We loved their magical and subtly floral, chic vibe in a well-lit ambiance.

They have tables for couples who want to be seated close to each other. They also have tables for big barkadas.

Upon entering, their courteous staff warmly-welcomed us with a smile.

We first tried their Pumpkin and Broccoli Soup. Both are deliciously creamy and best served when hot. Meanwhile, their serving of Garden Salad is good enough for two people.

Then, for their All-Day-Breakfast, we tried their flaky chicken chop – loved this juicy chicken breast coated in crispy corn flakes served with egg and peppercorn dip. 

Another meal in the All-Day-Breakfast menu is their homemade corned beef, my favorite! While slowly relishing the flavorful and juicy beef chunks in my mouth, I can say that it's made with top-choice ingredients. It’s so savory that a few spoonfuls can flavor a huge mound of rice.

I'm not really a fan of burgers but with just one bite into their FMN Burgers, I got addicted and I'll definitely keep coming back for this. The burger buns are also homemade with love so freshness is guaranteed.

And even if I already feel full after eating the FMN Burger, I still tried their Roast Beef Sandwich in Baguette Bread. What I love about their sandwiches is that they're all served with potato fries and salad on the side. So this can already be considered a complete and healthy meal!

I thought that we're already done but the main dishes arrived on sparkling, white plates!

First was their specialty Roast Beef in mushroom sauce, served with rice and a good amount of mixed veggies. For it's big serving, I think it's enough to feed to people.

Next on the list was the Barbecue Ribs. You could also see in the photo how big that slab is! The flavor was really powerful and the texture was amazing! You could taste the care that went into it! I also loved how it was perfectly burned and that the meat is really soft, unlike other ribs that I tried.

And since Cafe Perene is primarily a coffee shop, they're serving the following special blends:

Here's the menu for their other drinks:

Here's the fresh cucumber juice! Cheers to a healthier lifestyle to start the year!

And I'm never ordering these softdrinks, but I just took a photo because they look cute together!

But wait, there's more! We were served with not just one but 5 of their best-selling cakes! 

Carrot cake for the healthy eaters:

Nutella cheesecake for the Nutella-addicts:

Toasted Mallows for the kids and kids-at-heart:

And this is my favorite: choco lava cake with ice cream! Cafe Perene saved the best for last because this was the most delicious for me! The mixture of the hot chocolate fudge and the cold vanilla ice cream was certainly heaven in your mouth! ^_^


Cafe Perene is one of the newest homegrown restaurants in town, and you can be sure that just like it's sister restaurant, Forget Me Not Cafe, it will consistently provide you with delicious comfort food and homey experience.