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Dining | Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy

Early in the new year we had to eat in Makati and we chose this place.  Why?  We will be covering the Dinagyang in Ilo-ilo and its known for their famous La Paz Batchoy.  Now we can't have the real thing without tasting what's in Manila.

Now Ted's is located in Makati Glorietta 4 food court.  We came in during dinner and I was famished.   We ordered the La Paz Batchoy costing for Php135.  It was served almost immediately and piping hot.

Now presentation wise, I was hoping for a more delectable dish.  For Php135 I demanded a bit more.  It was simply soup then dumped with noodles and beef cuts on top. No presentation at all.  

Now we go on to the noodles.  They were a bit chewy of sorts.  Maybe we should have let it soak a bit more in the soup.  Maybe.  Also, the bowl might be big, the quantity of noodles therein leaves much to be desired.

To the flavour of the soup.  It was beef soup alright, but something prevents it from making it a great dish.  I wish I could write more about it but I really can't.

Service.  Maybe because it was around 845pm and its near closing time, the people there weren't in a festive mood.  Odd since New Year just happened a few days ago.  They looked tired and they hardly smiled at all.  I tried lifting their spirits up with a smile but mine wasn't reciprocated.  In spite of this, they were very attentive and fast in service.  My order came in fast.

Overall, from the taste and look of it, I could have gotten the same experience at our corner pares which sells its bowl for Php35 with unli noodles or fried rice.  We hope that they read this article and try to improve customer experience.  We will still eat here, but we will be trying out their other dishes.  Maybe the next time we will leave with a smile in our faces.

We still though recommend them to you if you like to eat a good clean la paz batchoy.  We feel that you won't have the experience we just had.

Now if you like to know more about this food joint, please visit their facebook page here.

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