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Documentary | Fallen Not Forgotten - SAF44

We have read, watched, had an opinion on what happened during the Mamasapano Encounter wherein 44 of our brave soldiers died.  If media would be trusted, then we could paint a negative picture of what transpired and it would we full of plot holes.  Now we were fortunate enough to have been invited to watch the documentary what happened on that fateful day.

The movie shows interviews with relevant personnel, from both sides.  One coming from the terrorist group side and one from the government side.  Most of it were from the Police and the Military who accounted for the hourly update of the mission.

You can't help yourself changing your view of the Mamasapano Encounter or Massacre you may call it after watching this independent film.  Although missing some key interviews on the executive side, one can surmise the ineptness on their part, the lack of help among the Police ranks, and the late (only sensible move) move by the Military to help out, even against protocol to save what's left of the troops.

There are still a lot unanswered issues per our view but what can't be taken out from the film, is how our troops fought, the SAF44, their gallantry and their bravery showing how they loved their country.  Of how their heroic deaths were tainted by politics and greed by some people makes you want to puke.  The greatest moment of the film was the disgust and anger of the lone SAF trooper who lambasted his colleagues who were just near the battle area, didn't budge from their positions to answer their pleas for help and support. 

 Now after all that has been said and done about the incident, no one until now would assume responsibility of the fiasco but instead kept on finger pointing.  Its like watching the childhood game of musical chairs, everyone passing blame on one another until the music stops.  When the music stops is another story altogether.

Overall, it shows how our government is still full of inept people, poor protocol (or lot of thereof), lack of compassion, misplaced objectives, misguided loyalties.  How many more would die in the line of duty?  Why is that someone has to spill blood before we realize that something is wrong in the system.  For our future's sake, we hope the deaths of the SAF 44 would not have gone in vain. 

To show your support, the film is being shown in SM cinemas.  Go watch it and we hope this fuels your desire to act and help change government policies somehow.

By the way, we would like to thank the lovely couple of Pedro and Amy Magsino of Arkipelago Divers for inviting us to watch this great film