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Entertainment | Black Panther Surprises Movie Fans

As of this writing, the movie Black Panther surpassed the USD500 Million mark in worldwide distribution.  It garnered also USD292 Million in its opening weekend bypassing the Avengers:  Age of Ultron.

A lot of people flocked movie theaters to watch a big budget film composed of mostly African Americans with a story line based in Africa.  A very unique concept for a US film much more for a Marvel superhero film.  Add the fact that this movie is a "prequel" or a "setup" film prior to the showing of the Avengers:  Infinity War so its no surprise this would be a big hit.

After watching the film, (this is not my review yet) it had a feel of disney to it more than Marvel for this writer.  When I saw the lead talking to his dead father, then I waited for Simba to roar on top of the Black Panther bust LOL.  Fight scenes reminded me of Spiderman CGI, love scenes with that of Star Wars Episode II, the Wakandan space ships with that of Guardians of the Galaxy.

This was really a Disney film and with lots of easter eggs that abound in the movie, it's no wonder that planet earth leapfrogged in technology just enough time to battle Thanos in the upcoming Infinity War.

We will be reviewing the movie (with spoilers) after this film has been shown in the next few weeks.