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Sports | Drama on the Last Day of NBA Trade Deadline by Cavaliers

What just happened?  We were all looking at the King Lebron being traded then a day before the deadline he confirms he won't be giving up his No Trade Clause.  His denial set the pundits on fire.  What will happen to Cavaliers after his contract is over?  Remember he is on his last year of his contract and will be a free agent in after the 2017-2018 is over.

Cavaliers will be left holding an empty bag if he leaves.  He is also at odds with owner Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers have been shoring up with defeats one after the other.  Everything's not great in the land till now.

Suddenly, Dan Gilbert does something very un Dan Gilbert like.  He did something like a certain Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner) in the movie "Draft Day".  Is it a heavenly coincidence that the movie is also about Cleveland, the Cleveland Browns, a professional football team.

Dan Gilbert did the unthinkable in three steps.  First he let go of Dwayne Wade and sent him back to the Miami Heat.  A move that Wade welcomed with open arms.  He maybe be best buddies with Lebron but nothing is more sweet for him but to go back to his home in South Beach.  Dan got second round draft picks of the Miami Heat in the process.

Second, through a three team swap, the Cavaliers sent Iman Shumpert to the Sacramento Kings, Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose (I thought he retired already) to Utah Jazz.  In exchange, the Cavs got George Hill from the Kings and Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz.

Lastly the best twist of all, Dan Gilbert sent Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Los Angeles Lakers along with their first draft pick.  In exchange the Lakers let go of Jordan Clarkson (the Fil Am favorite) and Larry Nance Jr.

The move suddenly made the Cavaliers a reinvigorated team.  The average age of the team got younger and more athletic.  The era of sluggishness of the veterans are gone and we are expecting the team to be move active this time around.

Dan Gilbert's move was in response to his apprehension of Lebron leaving after he comes a free agent.  We always read Lebron's twits and interpret them as being bored, tired and willing to move out of Cleveland when the season is over.  Now after the trades, it's Dan Gilbert's way of telling Lebron, don't leave, you have another chance of a championship here in Cleveland.