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Dining | Whats with Chelsea Kitchen - Megamall Branch

Another restaurant, Chelsea Kitchen, sprung up in Megamall and we have noticed it for sometime.  Since they are just at the EDSA entrance of Building B, we always see this when its time to go home.  This writer always say to himself, I will one day try this one out.  Which by the way didn't happen many times over.

This time however was different.  I was with my daughter coming off from a film premiere and we were hungry.  We thought of going home straight then we saw this again.  It was already after 9pm and we thought, we would just blow by them again.  We thought they would be closing thus we can't eat there again.

Funny thing happened.  I asked them if they were still open.  Luckily they were so we looked over their menu.  We saw pizza and we said we can do that.  Whats better was, you can order two flavors for just one pizza.  Who knew?

We ordered the 3 cheese pizza and one more flavor which I forgot what it was.  The whole pizza was for Php320 + 10% service charge and although it was a medium sized one, we two shared it and still had to take home the extras.

Tastewise, the cheeses and the basil and the flavors were exploding in our mouths.  I like the thick pan type of pizzas, this one was the thin crust ones, yet I like them.  Unlike the thins of a popular pizza chain, this one I can truly recommend.

Glad I asked the server if they were still open, we were given the chance to savor their pizza.

For more information on them, visit their facebook page here.