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Travel PH | A Nice Hostel in Boracay - Box and Ladder

Located in Station 2 in Boracay, this hostel is located conveniently along side the main road.  If you are coming from the Cagban Jetty Port, just ride the E-trike or regular tricycles, tell the driver to drop you off at the BPI Station 2 Branch.  Look for the Ministop Store near the corner, then the Box and Ladder Hostel is just opposite of it.

For those not familiar with Boracay, when you see Station X on your left, D'Mall is next, then BPI, a few meters later, Ministop comes to your right.  

Their location is optimal since its in Station 2, in the middle between Stations 1 and 2.  Using a side street, there's a quick walk maybe 5-10 minutes to white beach.  Walking the opposite, you can reach Bulabog Beach for 10-15 minutes.  D'mall is just minutes away, D'Talipapa is mere five minutes.

Box and Ladder is located on the 4th floor so there will be a bit of stair climbing just to take that needed rest from your travel from Manila.  When you finally reach them, simply fill out a form and pay upfront then you're set.  Daily rate is Php550.  Leave a valid ID with them and DON'T forget to retrieve them when you do check out.

A staff will provide you with a blanket and a towel and be guided to your bunk or capsule bed.  All rooms are fantastically airconditioned so you need that blanket. Bless them for it.  For privacy, a thick curtain is present, light also would not pass easy so once you close off your capsule, you'll be left in the dark, easy for you to sleep and not be bothered.

To secure your stuff, all capsules or bunk beds are provided their own cabinets that can be locked.  Being a backpacker, I have always carried my OWN padlock and key anticipating situations like this.  So your beloved items can be and will be secured.

Since you are in a capsule type of a bed, all showers and restrooms are located outside of your room.  There are good number of it so using one is not a problem.

Going up some more stairs, you will reach the rooftop.  In this level, the owner lived in one part and most of the space is given to guests like me.  This is where your FREE, take note FREE breakfast is served.  Breakfast consists of Sliced Bread, then butter and marmalades are offered as well.  If you have a penchant for coffee, an electric kettle is available with coffee in sachets are on the table.  Tea is available as well.  Should you want toast some bread, an oven toaster is likewise available for use.  So breakfast is of no problem here.

Like in other hostels, some rules need to be followed as well.  You may use the utensils in the kitchen like the stove (No charge on using the stove I think), pots and pans, and when you do, you should be responsible enough to clean them.  

D'Talipapa may have been gutted by fire recently, a make shift talipapa is in its place right now so you can buy your ingredients there since its just a walking distance, along with the supermarket located at D'Mall which is just a stones throw away.  So cooking is encouraged if you want to lower your food costs.

Since the kitchen and common areas are located on the rooftop, eating there is an experience in itself.  You get to see a good view of boracay from that place, with a good breeze, dining is divine.  Also WIFI is available here and not in your rooms.  So guess where the guests are located if not sleeping.

When night time comes, should you want to look over the boracay lights, you can order your almost sub zero beer from their staff for Php50.  Its cheaper than most stores and bars around.  Being in a hostel, expect other guests to come up and say hi so having a beer in hand will make a good ice breaker.

Hostels are a good place to swap travel stories so being in a rooftop is a great way of doing it.

On cleanliness, this hostel is among the top of my list.  They have a good number of staffs working around the clock to keep you happy.  Bed linens, blankets and towels smell so good you feel that you are home.  Water is strong and they have water heaters to bring you a great shower experience.  Toiletries are not included so better bring your own stuff. 

On service, they are quick to attend to your needs.  There might be times when you don't see them on the front desk as they are continually cleaning some areas of the hostel, just wait for a few minutes and you will be attended to.

On their daily rate.  When you book them in, their rate is Php650 depending on the season plus app service charge.  Walk ins get charged Php550.

Overall, this place is great for backpackers with their cleanliness and guest service, this is a place where I will always want to get back to.  I know for a fact that I will be coming back to Boracay, so definitely I will try them out again.

For more about this wonderful hostel, contact them via their website here.