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Dining | The Boracay Toilet Restaurant - Station 1

This writer has read about this place many times over so when it was time for us to be in Boracay, we won't let this place pass us by.

Now what a funny name for a restaurant this is, but of course its just the novelty of it. Most of the things you see here are found inside a toilet.  Here we sit in toilet seats, go into large ones as well.  Urinals are part of the decor, you get the picture.

Now we can't ramble on and on with how the ambiance works inside, you better come here and witness for yourself.  All we can say for now, its a bomb.

Now we go to the food.  I ordered the pork binagoogan and taste wise.  It wasn't bad.  Surprisingly it was great.  The typical order is, its not that spicy.  Which I liked.  Now for those spice fanatics, chili is added on the side.  

Serving size was big as I was not able to finish this dish.  I requested them to bag the remaining part and it became my food buddy to my beer later that evening.

Service was fast and staff were courteous.  Seeing that I came in solo, a server immediately offered her service to take pictures of me in and on the toilet furniture found within.  So I would like to thank that person for my images herein doing some funny poses.

They are also wacky and posed with yours truly.  Dining here was a truly great experience and I never felt alone or lonely.  They were attentive and friendly which I truly liked.  Definitely I am recommending to everyone to dropby this place.  If not for the food, but simply taking your wacky pictures inside the restaurant, but for you to meet the warm people running this wonderful food joint.

They are located in Station 1 so if you are billeted at Station 2 like me, better walk it along the main road.  It takes too long of a walk if taken via the beach.

To you guys manning the restaurant. Thank you so much.... such a wonderful experience.  Can't wait to sample more of your food and hospitality in the future.

For more about this place, visit their facebook page here