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About Town | A New Bakeshop Is In Town - Studio Bake at Festival Mall Alabang

Filipinos love bread.  Even before specialty bakeshops sprung up, we grew up with our neighborhood bakery.  Greeted by smiles during our morning pandesal, these stores bring warmth and joy to our day.

In this modern time, these bakeries that we know have leveled up.  Breads continue to evolve much to the delight of bread fans and this is the thing with Studio Bake in Festival Mall Alabang.  And yes, the smiles are still there so joy and warmth is given, then with their breads, its heaven.

Going in their shop, you will see lots of breads of different varieties.  From the regular ones that you love, you will find others just waiting to make your acquaintance.  We most liked the french breads like the croissants which was crispy on the outside, yummy on its insides.  Great with hot chocolates I would add.

What makes a great tasting bread?  Aside from quality ingredients, they must be fresh when bought.  In Studio Bake, they make their breads everyday and constantly during the day as well.  So expect fresh breads when you do drop by their shop.

Pricewise, its affordable for the breads they serve.  It won't hurt your wallet, only your diet.  If you are not diet conscious like me, then eat way and have a great time like me.  For those in diet, you can still enjoy their breads I'm sure of it, make it double the fun for this writer.

So visit them at the new expansion wing of Festival Mall in Alabang, or check them out here at their facebook page