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Dining | Eating Off A McDonalds Secret Menu - Triple Cheese Burger

While we were wiling away the time for an event, this writer had a chance to rest a while here at McDonalds Newport City.  What to eat I say.  I've always have my favorites here like the Fried Chicken with Rice and the ever famous Big Mac.

This time since there were not much people in the store, I opted to try their Secret Menu.  I went for the Triple Cheese Burger.  I like the cheese of McDonald's so I splurge on tripling the experience.

It costs Php149 and I was treated to three patties and yes three slices of their delicious cheeses.  Serving size was expected, triple of everything except for the bun and fills my tummy very well.  The taste was the same with their regular Cheese Burger times three of course.

I've had two of these burgers in different locations and hope to get more in the future.  But of course I will try their other burgers in the secret menu as well like the Surf and Turf (Php159), the Double McChicken (Php149) and the Double Quarter Pounder (Php215).

Hope to see a Double Big Mac soon?