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Travel PH | Oasis Country Resort - City of San Fernando La Union

After a long 5 hours travel to the City of San Fernando La Union, settling in an airconditioned room is a welcome treat.  Oasis Country Resort is just along the highway so upon arriving from Manila, you will see this like an oasis on your right.

Coming unto reception with a huge lobby, you will be greeted by their smiling staff.  Since we had reservations,  checking in so quick.  While we were filling in the forms, somebody already is double checking our room and firing up the aircon.  

When we finally went up to our room,  it was huge and it was already cool.  None of the room's heat can be felt.  All you have to do now is flop into your bed and simply doze off.

For a hotel in the province, this one is a level up.  It still had a feel of nostalgia in some parts of the residence but cleanliness is still prevalent here.  Toilets smelled nice, you can see that they have kept the place very well.

Now food wise, this hotel has a great restaurant to complement the great service already shown us.  The pancit canton tasted right, the lechon kawali was cruncy and tasty.  

Breakfast wise, they have a varied number of meals, in this case, I ordered the continental one.  I had a number of different hot toasted breads, from sliced bread to a croissant, coupled with a marmalade and butter.

Also the restaurant offers Filipino, American and Japanese dishes so order your sushi's away with your tapsilog.

Service quick and great, its no wonder we would be staying back here at the Oasis Country Resort.  So when you are in City of San Fernando La Union, try hooking up with them here at Sevilla Center along the Highway.

Call them for reservations at +63 72 242-5621 or email them at