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Dining | Everything Sweet with John Lemon

We have heard of John Lemon in Manila however we have yet to try one.  Who would have thought that we did here in Robinson Jaro, Iloilo?

Oh well, during our rest time of the Dinagyang, we proceeded to Jaro and look for mangoes and when the new huge spanking mall came to our view, it was impossible not to alight from our jeep and check this mall out.

The mall was huge in comparison to our provincial cities we have been to and really its modern.  You will forget that you are in Jaro.  

Now going back to John Lemon, this kiosk found a lot of patrons here as we noticed a group of koreans lining up for one.  Im no korean yet I looked like one when I did the queue.  Anyoung Haseyo!!!!

Anyway, we got the Lemon Kalamansi for Php65 and we have to wait for our drink to be served.  Remember the line?

Now when it was our turn, the drink didn't disappoint.  It had lots of ice (is this good or bad?) and that it was a sunny day outside, the drink hit the  right spots with this writer.  Lemon with the tinge of Calamansi was just right to my taste.

Surely if I can find one branch in Manila when I come back, I will definitely get one again on a sunny day.

For more information about them, visit their facebook page herein.