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Travel PH | Adventure Beach Waterpark Subic

Tucked inside Subic in Ilanin Forest Area, beside that of Ocean Adventure, a new waterpark was established.  Its called the Adventure Beach Waterpark.

The place is situated in front of the beach so you have an option to play in the waterpark or swim on the beach.

There are lots of amenities herein.  We have water slides both for adults and kids to play in, lots of wading pools and even have a flowing river where you can simply float around and enjoy the ride.  Another feature present is the wall climbing facility also located within the park.

The waterpark also features Viking's as an attraction.  No it isn't something that you get wet but its an attraction you usually see at amusement parks.  These are boats that seat 20 people and swings side to side in varying speeds.  A great treat for those who don't want to splash in the water.

Now we did try out the adult slides and they call it TWIN TWISTERS SLIDE and it was fun.  Although short, its just long enough to get the thrill of the slide.  Going up is not a hassle as its not that high.  For sure this one will be a big hit with the grown ups.

A lot bigger is area is the wading pool and water slides and activities for the kids called SPLASH AND PLAY.  Lot of fountains, slides await the toddlers to enjoy in.  That being said, I don't say that this is offlimits to adults, one may indulge here also as the attractions herein are big enough to accommodate this writer much more so for you. :)

On the beach front, aside from swimming you can avail also of the kayak services on the shore. Being part of subic, one can expect the waters to be cool and clean.  Thanks to the preservation efforts of management.

When we went there, it was just a soft opening so some areas were still being developed like the restaurant.  The gift shop is already open and all are operational except for the restaurant.  Cabanas and cottages are all around so one can be assured that you can stay comfortably while enjoying at the same time.

The water park management is connected with Camayan Beach Resort and with Ocean Adventure, so watch out for their promo pricing in the future.

How to reach this place

By Car - They are easily located on Waze.  You will use the NLEX and SCTEX for faster travel.

By Bus - Take any bus line that go to Ologapo City (Fare roughtly Php240-Php250) and take a jeep (Fare Php8) that will take you to SM City Olongapo.  Tell the driver to drop you off to the entrance of Subic that will lead you to the Golden Dragon Parking Area.  From there, a shuttle will take you here.  There's a bit of walking from the gate to here so bear it a little bit.  Departure times from that area are as follows; 8:30am, 10:30am and 1:00pm.  

You can take a taxi from the bus station, but that would entail negotiated rates.  Locals say these taxis charge Php1,000 one way.  The taxi can accommodate 4 people for that price.  I've seen vans but this writer was not able to ask if they are for rent as well.

For more reservations and more details you may use the following links.