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Dining | Ikkousha Ramen is here in Manila!

Another Ramen House that truly great opens in the south of Manila.  Hakata Ikkousha, the ramen franchise from Fukuoka, Japan opened its doors in Festival Mall with a great promotion where they served to 300 bowls of their great tasting ramen.  Gracing the grand opening day is Mr. Yoshimura, the founder of Hakata Ikkousha.  This is their first metro manila branch and is a great addition to the growing global family of Hakata Ikkousha.

Hakata Ikkousha have 50 plus branches world wide including Indonesia, China, USA and they continue to expand for bringing the best quality of tonkotsu ramen from its origin in Hakata at Fukouka prefecture, Japan. They were happy to bring their ramen here in the Philippines. Their first branch is located in Cebu.

Located at the upper ground floor of Festival mall Alabang's new expansion wing, this is the second branch in the Philippines.  The core of Ikkousha's menu is the tonkotsu ramen, also known as Hakata ramen, after the place in Fukuoka City know for this ramen style.  Its defining characteristic is its tonkotsu broth, which is made by simmering pork bones for many hours.  The result is a thick, creamy soup base - almost milky in its consisteny and color - that is flavorful as well as rich in collagen.  

Furthermore, the noodles served in the store are produced in Ikkousha's own noodle factory.  Each bowl of ramen is topped with carefully seasoned and tender slices of cha-shu (braised pork).

The place is cozy and cute. Best place to go hang out after work and relax. They are offering their specialty ramen, gyoza (dumplings), karaage (fried chicken) and local beer.

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We personally tried their special tonkotsu and it was superb. The food is presented well. The broth is made from pork bones. It's creamy. Thin slices of marinated pork. Flavored egg. Add-ons are optional for you to fill up the huge bowl. Their condiments were imported from Japan. The people were also trained the same practices in Japan. It's assuring that their food will bring you to Japan.

Would definitely bring friends for the authentic ramen experience.

For more information, follow their Facebook page.