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Dining | Raztapahan Halang Binan Offers Ipad in A Contest

Biking around the metro will yield you an experience like no other.  Unlike driving around, with biking, you can traverse roads at a slower pace, thus opening up a new environment for you.

With this bike trip of mine, I was coursing through one of my regular routes when I stumbled upon this new tapsilogan place.  I have seen a number of of such places and this one does not physically and aesthetically fit the bill.  The dining area was colored Jamaican Style, wazzup man.

The place is called Raztapahan and it had a reggae type of vibes that makes me want to sing "no woman no cry".  Just joking on the singing thing, seriously though, their food does not have a jamaican taste into them, only the vibe. yes the vibe.

Only offered in Halang Binan

Now this place I went to is found in Halang, Binan.  A quick google on my part netted results that this Raztapahan was not alone.  It had branches all over.  Yah man, its true.

Now pricewise, its cheap.  My longsilog was just Php69 pesos.  I didn't order a cola so that's all I paid for it.  Serving size, I was a bit surprised by the two longganisas and the huge cup of fried rice.  For the price, it was a great meal.  Tastewise, I felt it was worth more than the price I paid for.  It topples the longsilog from other famous fast food chains which were far more expensive.

I thought I won't be surprised by restaurants on the side of the road but this one did.  I highly recommend that you dropby one of their branches.  A list of branches can be found herein

There are a lot of facebook pages and accounts, but we do suggest going over to their main account (we think) here